1000 Places To See Before You Die, The Bucket List and 30 Things To-Do Before I Reach 30. Or whatever you may call it!

I know some people have these  lists. In one point or another, individuals tend to seek an adventure of a lifetime, they want to travel to places which are still unknown and they try different and odd things.

Nowadays, traveling can be as quick as boiling an egg. 🙂 Seat sales and promo fares are everywhere. You just have to find time to travel around.

Whenever I travel, I google the things that I can only see, experience, eat and try in that place. From there, I make an itinerary. Sometimes, I just make a list of the places of where I want to go next and try different adventures and put it all on my Bucket List! 🙂

I know I still have a lot to tick off from that list and I pray that I can do (if not all), half of it. Wherever and whatever, I know God is with me.

So, what kind of list do you have? 🙂

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