stages of love.

yes, there’s a thing called stages of love. are they really existent? in any case, we all experience the same process. we meet someone, then one way or another, we fall in love and the rest (as what they say) is history. you may or may not end up with each other but maybe the point of falling in love is not really thinking about the future (okay, whatever). it is how you love and treat each other DAILY. sometimes when you think of the future, that’s how it starts to complicate things (i guess). you expect something, and if that expectation isn’t met, disappointment clouds your mind and next thing you’ll know it, an argument smacks you in the face.

Strangers, again. A phrase that most couples hate to think about because everyone wants a fairy-tale kind of ending… “and they lived happily ever after.”

I know most of you can relate to this short video. You may even think (for couples) what stage you are in.

Have a look and ponder on the thoughts.

Falling in love indeed is such wonderful feeling. Savor each day whilst you’re still together. Never expect but do your part. Compromise and understand. Thank your former significant other for they have led you to your special someone right now.

Strangers, again


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