WOW! Davao!

I have never been to any province in Mindanao. I can still reckon before my Dad invited us to go to CDO 15 years back but I refused. *WHAT THE HECK WAS ON MY MIND THAT TIME?!*

Anyhoo, 2010 was the year that looking for seat-sales became my hobby. So when I found one, I instantly told some friends about it and quickly booked a flight. *WALANG TANONG-TANONG, BOOK AGAD NG TICKET* LOL.

We had 2 months of prepping up for the trip. 🙂 Thanks also to Chay who organized the tour for us. Most of the people who joined this trip were the ones from who went to Anawangin too (will blog it soon).


Up, up… here we goooo Davao!

There were four batches who arrived in Davao. 1 st batch: the couple Elena and Aris (who arrived a day before us); 2nd batch: Lai, Maics and Mee (arruived 3-4 hours ahead of us); 3rd batch: Me, Donnna, Chay, Rhen, Tin and Jayson; 4th batch: Migs and Cathy (who arrived during the afternoon).

Why, hello there Davao!!! 🙂

After checking in to our hotel (D’ Counter), headed off to lunch at Penong’s!

Day 1: City Tour!!!

We passed by their famous streets as they still represent the old Davao which was known to be Little Tokyo during 1940s. Japanese built businesses there too.

1st stop: Museo Dabawenyo. Taking pics are prohibited inside. Darn. But still learned a lot from the history of Davao and it’s tribes and rich culture.

Next stop is The Statue of David and The Little Mermaid (ooops. I totally forgot where it is exactly in Davao City). HUUUUUUGE!!!!!

Here’s is what is it about: The original David sculpture is made by Michael Angelo in Florence.

3rd stop: Ampatuan House. I took no pictures because I was so nervous while driving around their grand mansion. Yikes.

4th stop: Aldevinco Shopping Centre

This is where you could buy good sarongs (they have nice prints and designs) and other pasalubongs (take-home souvenirs). A few meters from here, there was a fruit stand full of Pomelos and Durians. 🙂 Across it, is the Ateneo de Naga University.

5th stop: SM City Davao

                                                                                                                     (photo credit: Chay)

We went back to our hotel for a while to rest and surprised our birthday girls!!!

Dinner at Iron Horse! BUFFET! 🙂

Jack’s Ridge is a chill spot in Davao City.

The ladies and gents! That’s US! 🙂

Capped the night with what we know best… just plain fun. 🙂

Day 2: Samal Island Tour

Aboard M/B Camotes, we start our island and water activities in Talikod Island to snorkel, kayak and lurk around sea. 🙂

Lunch at Dayang Beach Resort.

And the most exciting thing we did was to try the Maxima Aqua Fun Slide! AHMAYZINGGGG!!!! At first, I was really scared. I was instructing the manong so many things over and over again. Haha! Patawa talaga ako. But when I did it, I certainly enjoyed it at humirit pa ako ng ISA! LOL.

It is really a must-try in Samal Island.

We didn’t go to Pearl Farm but we just passed by it. Threw coins too at the Wishing Island! Haha!

Twas really a fun-filled and adventurous day for us. 🙂

Back to our hotel, we spoke to our friend, Ernie via Oovoo! :))

Explored People’s Park (which is a walking distance from where we are).

Fried Isaw!!!

Ended the night playing Pinoy Henyo and Charades! Sooooper saya! 🙂

Day 3: Our last day in Davao!!!

Sad thing, Elena and Aris has to go back to Manila already.

Brunch at Kuya Ed (eat-all-you-can just for Php99). *busog.burp*

While on our way to the hotel, manong taxi driver took our attention to this boat-designed church (San Pedro Church).

A glimpse of Mt. Apo. 🙂

2nd stop: Pasalubong shop


3rd stop: Outland Adventure


We rode a balsa for 5 minutes, trekked for 20 minutes and had the zipline ride of our lives for 40 seconds!

4th stop: Davao Zorb Park

ME ALREADY!!! I felt dizzy and nauseous after this. HAHA!!!! *such a kiddo*

5th stop: Davao Crocodile Park

We didn’t go inside since it’s already raining. Boo!

And now, it’s time to say bye to Davao. SEE YOU SOON!!!!

We all definitely enjoyed this trip. Met NFFs (Jayson, Migs and Cathy). Experienced new things. Amazed with God’s creation.

(other photos from Migs, Karen, Monica and Aimee)


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