Maginhawa Strip!

Kyusi is home to the best and most affordable restos!

For a foodie like me, searching for restaurants and food establishments can really be so much fun.

Maginhawa St. is one place that captured my tummy. πŸ™‚


It’s partly owned by Kuya Bodjie (from Batibot) and their menu consists of pasta, rice, sandwiches and desserts.
Sometimes, they do show some classic films here. Perfect for chillaxing.


Must-try: MANGO TURON!!!


Here’s my friend Jay with Blacksoup’s interior as his background.
(Jay worked with Kuya Bodjie in the musical play, Magic Flute)


Chicken with Basil and Cheese Stuffing



With my girls! πŸ™‚


Candle-lit dinner! πŸ™‚

Adobo Flakes!


With the owner:

Good food and ambience. You may even bump into some artists here and of course meet Kuya Bodjie! πŸ™‚

Blacksoup Cafe+Artspace is located at 154 Unit G Maginhawa Bldg., Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, QC

For more info: Blacksoup’s multiply site or Blacksoup’s facebook page.



When we went here, we didn’t know that we have to make reservations. But luck was on our side, we were able to get a table for two! Thanks to Jethro, the owner. πŸ™‚

Trivia: Jethro is a medically diagnosed Bipolar. Van Gogh is a bipolar too. All the food served here are basically for bipolar people which is interesting because on their menu, it is explained there the advantages of the food elements (mostly, mood enhancing).

blospost from blogspot: Jan 2010

I always appreciate Art and Food. When these two come together, amazing things happen.
And there’s Van Gogh is Bipolar. (Hmmm, is he really bipolar?)

Van Gogh is Bipolar is located at #154 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village. It’s actually an apartment-like place. (Black Soup is also in the same address)

A art gallery + cafe =SUPERB!

Reservations are done a week before. (We’re just so lucky that night. We didn’t have any reservations)

Upon entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by the owner, Jethro and you’ll be asked to read the house rules first. (Shoes must be removed when you enter the resto)

The house rules were very nakakaaliw! πŸ™‚

The content of the menu’s not too much but were all very interesting.(We will try Godfather II next time)

Since we ate dinner already, we decided to just try Mel Gibson’s Darkest Sin.

One of the rules is to write your order on a piece of paper. (Don’t worry, they’ll provide you a pen and a paper)

I am very impressed with the interiors!!! suuper ARTSY talaga!!! πŸ™‚

You can even choose a teapot when you order some hot tea. :))

The resto’s a bit small that it can fit about 15 people only.

I’m considering this as one of Maginhawa’s best!!!

And i’m probably going back here!!!

Van Gogh Is Bipolar is located at: 154 Unit H, Maginhawa Bldg., Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village, QC

For more info visit their facebook page.



This is the old Pino Bar in Maginhawa St. (they are now relocated to Malingap St.)

Nice murals! πŸ™‚

Sorry, I forgot what we ordered. 😦 *if you know these dishes, please do let me know*

This is also one of the nicest chill-out places in QC.
Pino Bar and Resto is now located at 39 Malingap, Teachers Village, QC.
For more info, check out their multiply site or facebook page.
This is where the old Pino Bar is located.
What I love about this burger joint is that you can make your own burger. Their menuΒ  is a checklist of what you want for your burger. *how i love personalized stuff* πŸ™‚

Here’s their menu:


My very own EUNESA burger. πŸ™‚


BRGR: The Burger Project is located at 122 Maginhawa St., Teachers Village, QC.Β 

For more info visit their Facebook page.



This is one of my fave restos in Maginhawa because of their cheap yet oh-so delicious pastas and pizzas!!!

Marinara Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza

Spaghetti Meatsauce Pasta

Tuna and Mushroom Pasta

Pesto Pasta

After Eight


Friuli Trattoria is located at 79 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, QC

For more info, visit their Facebook page.


I would always go back to these restaurants for the food and ambiance. FIVE STARS for each resto. :)) KUDOS to everyone behind it. :))


I heard there are new additions to the Maginhawa Strip (as I say it). Let me know about those restos too. πŸ™‚


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