I have been longing to want and own an iPad but since my kuripot Dad didn’t allow me to have one, I settled for a new iPod Touch (my former iPod Touch just died on me a year ago after 2 years!). HK is the place to be for buying gadgets at very looooow prices. I got my iPod Touch 4 32GB for just 12k last November. Talo nga lang sa warranty kasi ano un, pupunta pa ako ng HK pag may defect ang unit?! Anyway, that’s the risk I made. I didn’t bring my lappy with me, so hindi ko talaga natignan ang iPod. Boo. But good thing, wala namang any defects! Haha!

So going back to iPad, I have finally convinced my Dad to give me that precious tablet. *winks* As i have told you earlier, my Dad is “K” and now he’s canvassing the prices of iPad in some of the Asian countries.

I received a message from him the other night telling me this:

Dad: B, ung orig iPad $800. Tapos ung china made $400.
Me: anong ibig sabihin ng orig at china made?

And then I got no reply.

This morning, my Dad sent me a message again. I asked him the same question and he replied the very same thing and so I said:

Me: dad, eh alam ko made in china ang iPad eh. Baka ung difference eh ung memory or if wifi or 3g.

I was thinking, mukhang ginogoyo ang tatay ko ah!

Hirap maging techie!!! LOL

*still awaiting for my Dad’s reply*


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