Yabang Pinoy

I have always been proud of being a Filipino.

I know there are things that makes us feel ashamed of our country, but as for me, I focus myself on thinking positively towards being proud of my homeland.

History and all that is in between always fascinates me so well especially OURS!

Do you have any idea how rich Filipinos are?

Our culture is very very rich. We just have to preserve it and know the importance of it.

Tribes are slowly decreasing. Others are being mocked for their dark color and flat nose. Others are used as “backgrounds” in pictures. Others are being openly discriminated by their own “kababayan”.*SAD but true*


Philippines are blessed with a beautiful nature.

Wherever you go from north to south there is always something or place that we really could say “WOW”.

Being a person who lived in the city since birth, I always look forward to vacays. It’s the time to unwind from the hustle-and-bustle of the metro; it’s the time to get in touch intimately with God’s creations.

Unfortunately, there are some that weren’t preserved because of lack of funds to maintain it; some due to “urbanization”; due to modernization. (Ifugao Rice Terraces, I still want to see you!)

Visit the wonders of each province while they’re still visible and while we could still savor its beauty.

Filipinos are very versatile. We do not only excel on just a thing….we do excel on SO MANY things.

Who could’ve thought that this country produced Inventors, Beauty Queens, Great Leaders, Boxing Champs, Billiards/Chess/Bowling Champs and Pros, World Class Singers, Wonderfully-made Movies, Well-Known Orchestra and Choirs, etcetera, etcetera… The list may go on and on! But who could’ve thought we have all these? THANK YOU GOD FOR THE TALENTS!

There are so many things and reasons why we should be proud of our country and of being a Filipino.
You don’t have to be a hero to show you love your homeland.

-eunice b. 2009

This is a repost from my former blog.


2 thoughts on “Yabang Pinoy

  1. Isa akong proud na Pinoy pero di mayabang o makasarili. Sana lahat ng mga Filipino katulad ko ang attitude. Mahal ko ang Pinas pero galit ako sa mga taong abusado at mapanloko ng kapwa. I like your blog. Let’s all spread love and peace always (:

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