People living in the city always encounter the hustle and bustle of the metro. They deal with it 24/7. Gadgets here and there to communicate. Fast-paced life is what they know about.

Sometimes, they tend to forget how to communicate with “real” people anymore. *Can relate?*

Disconnecting means a lot of things. But in this short film, disconnecting led them to appreciate the goodness of life offered to them. Having to let go with their gadgets means a deeper connection with other things. Seeing and hearing God’s creation is far more better than seeing how bad the traffic is at EDSA and hearing the clicking sound of your laptops/cellphones. I reckon, everybody will agree with me.

Whenever we go to our province (Cuyo, Palawan), it’ll always be a disconnecting phase. Not because they don’t have any internet or cable tv, it’s because we want to do something DIFFERENT rather than ipod-ing! 🙂

I’ve tried harvesting cashew fruits, feeding the pigs & chickens, i even tried tilling the soil. Oh, farm life. Haha! Not exciting but it was a good experience.

People had fun without any use of technology. IT WAS PURE FUN.


Weekends are everybody’s quick getaway for working people and students. They spend five days at work or at school and yes, they need some REST. They scream for it!

One thing they could do is spend a vacation somewhere away from the busy city, where they could take time and appreciate God’s wonderful creations! It really helps you physically because your body is relaxed and also it makes you united with our Creator just by looking at the sunrise/sunset or hearing the chirping birds or even feel the sea breeze. *cue music: What A Wonderful World*.

You can also spend time with your loved ones or friends doing some activities together which helps your bond go strong.

One must have time to take it low and slow sometimes, even in this fast-paced world.

delete all the negatives. load all the postives.


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