A Day at Bataan!

blogged 10.25.09

This is actually a sorta unexpected trip since we weren’t really sure about going. Anyways, I wasn’t able to “research” anything about Bataan. All I know about the place is that, it is where the Fall of Fil. and Am. troops took place thus *The Fall of Bataan*, Death March and Mt. Samat. *YUN LANG!* =)

Our very reason on going to Bataan is to visit a prison in Balanga. *no pix/cellphones allowed* We allotted 30minutes to give something to them like their personal needs and readings about God. Entering a prison for the first time was like entering in a mental institution *like what i experienced on our first day at NCMH*. Everybody there was so happy and excited to see their families, others were patiently waiting for their relatives to come and visit them. *sigh*.

After that, we went to visit Mt. Samat’s Dambana ng Kagitingan. We had nooo idea that we will literally go there. We thought we’ll just like visit the “entrance” or something. When we saw the cross kasi, lahat kami nagsabi, “ay! ang layo!” That’s the time we asked, “ano po yung diretso nitong road?” answer: “ah sa cross na mismo.” HUWAAAAT???!!! We’re thinking that Avi can’t take it. Haha! And so the adventure begins. Dad’s thinking of NPAs, kabado kami sa very steep na daan pataas. Hehe. thoughts. thoughts. thoughts.

But it is soooo worth it!!!! Wooohooo! I LOVE PHIL.HISTORY talaga. It really amazes me so much!

Mt. Samat is about 555km high or 1814 feet high. (above sea level) It is located at Pilar, Bataan.
The cross (Dambana ng Kagitingan/Shrine of Valor) is 92 meters high.
(Source: http://tourism.bataan.gov.ph/dambana.html)


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