My One Hundred

from Nina Garcia’s The 100:

1. A-line Dress. i love a-line dresses.
2. Animal Print. must love animal prints. my cosmetic bag and ballet flats are my fave right now.
3. Ankle Bootie. i think this is a basic need.
4. Aviators. must be RAYBAN!
5. Ballet flats. though i’m not blesses with THE height. i love wearing flats. 🙂
6. Bangles. i have looooots!
7. Belts. i have a few. 🙂
8. Bikini. roxy!!! :))
9. Blackberry. BB Curve! 🙂
10. Black Opaque Tights. looks nice with dresses and boots!
11. Blazer. basic need too.
12. Boyfriend Cardigan. tooo cute! 🙂
13. Brooch. i have a few. wear it with a plain tee.
14. Cable-Knit Sweater: just what i need for the winter season

15. Caftan. yellow caftan (twas a gift from my bff)
16. Camel Coat. -seriously?
17. Cape. -seriously? haha!
18. Cashmere Sweater. -i like wearing this!
19. Charm Bracelet. eeh. i have a looot! haha!
20. Clutch. i’m fan of clutch bags!!! my fave is the one from Kate Torralba!
21. Cocktail Ring. i love cocktail rings!
22. Converse.
23. Cosmetics Bag. let’s say i have 2 cosmetic bags!
24. Cowboy Boots. -naah
25. Cuff. been buying a few lately
26. Denim Jacket.
27. Diamond Studs. -none yet. teehee.
28. Driving Shoe. -driving shoe?
29. Espadrilles. Cotton On!
30. Evening Gown. -i have 2! haha!
31. Exotic Skin Bag. -none yet
32. Fishnets. -none
33. Frye Harness Boot. -none
34. Fur. -oh. sorry PETA!
35. Gentleman’s Hat. -wore it during the RCB concert. teehee
36. Gloves. i have two gloves bought in Baguio. 🙂
37. Havaianas. yikes i have 10 pairs already. haha!
38. Hobo Bag. must love hobo bags!!! my fave is the my black hobo bag from XOXO.
39. Hoop Earrings. 1 medium-sized
40. Investment Bag.
41. iPod. ohyes!!!
42. Jeans. lots lots lots
43. Jewelry Pouches. i have lots in diff textures. 🙂
44. Khakis. one lang.
45. Knee Boots. -Forever 21
46. Leather Pants. -NOOONE!
47. Lingerie. -VS! 🙂
48. Little Black Dress. -must-have!
49. Little White Dress. – i can’t even remember having one.
50. L.L. Bean Tote. -none
51. Luggage. -loooves my luggages!!! esp my new one! 🙂
52. Mad Money. SOOOOON! hahah!
53. Men’s White Shirt. -none
54. Mary Janes.
55. Minnetonka Moccasin. -none
56. Missoni Knit. -none
57. Monogrammed Stationery. -will have one soon!!! 😉
58. Motorcycle jacket.
59. Nail Polish. ORLY and OPI!!!
60. Old Concert T-Shirt. -YELLOWCARD!!! haha!
61. One-Piece Swimsuit. -turqouise in color
62. Pajamas. -must love PJs!!!
63. Peacoat.- Forever 21!!! 🙂
64. Pearl Necklace. -bought my pearl necklaces in Palawan
65. Pencil Skirt. – one lang. naka may bff pa! hahaha!
66. Perfume. -Daisy by Marc Jacobs and DKNY are my faves right now
67. Plain White Tee. -basic basic basic
68. Polo Shirt. -been wearing polo shirts lately
69. Pucci. -none
70. Pushup Bra. do i need one? LOL
71. Quality Champagne. -if there’s an occasion
72. Red Lipstick. -MAC’s Russian Red
73. Robe. -silky smooth robe! 🙂
74. Safari Jacket. -none
75. Sandals. -lots.
76. Sarong. -orange sarong!
77. Signet Ring. -eeek!
78. Silk Scarf. one lang
79. Slippers. -refer to Havs.
80. Spanx. -none.
81. Statement Necklace. -black/gold neckpiece.:)
82. Stilettos. black one.
83. Striped Sailor Shirt. -none
84. Suit. -for?
85. Sunhat. lots!
86. Trench. -one lang
87. Turquoise and Coral Jewelry. -my fave summer color! i have necklaces and bracelets
88. Tuxedo Jacket. -none
89. Umbrella. -ZARA!!! 🙂
90. Underwear. – VS and Cotton Body
91. Valid Passport. check check check!
92. Vans. -none
93. Vintage. -must love vintage. 🙂
94. Watch. -TH and Fossil. and basta stainless. 🙂
95. Wayfarers. -RAYBAN!!!
96. Wellington Boot. -none
97. Wide-leg Trousers. -just bought one last week. haha!
98. Wrap Dress. a gray one
99. Yoga Gear. -Giordano! 🙂
100. Zippered Hoodie. -yes! haha!


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