blogged 08.04.09

I signed up for this class because I am a CHOCOHOLIC! =)

I learned a lot of this from this event. Thanks to Mr. Pedro our speaker and the owner of Heavenly Chocolates.

Mayans during 500AD were the ones who cultured cocoas and was used as a currency. They called chocolate, “xocolatl”, meaning “bitter water”

During the Aztec civilization, Montezuma II drank nothing but chocolate. Chocolates were originally enjoyed as a drink. Montezuma then introduced the chocolate drink to Conquistador Hernan Cortez who then as well introduced chocolates to the Europeans.

The divine drink which builds up resistance & fights fatigue. A cup of
this precious drink permits man to walk for a whole day without food.

Hernan Cortes

Philippines was the first Asian country to produce cocoa beans. *Thanks to the Spaniards who brought it here*

We were able to produce cocoa beans since cocoa beans grows 10degrees north and south of the equator. But the Ivory Coast produce 38% source of cocoa beans in the world.

Cocoa beans from Ghana are the favorites of the Japanese and Koreans. There are also from Ecuador, Peru, Madagascar and Bolivia. Those that are from Bolivia are the most exotic of all cocoa beans.

Swiss are the largest chocolate-consuming people with an average of 10kg per year.

Those were some of information I jotted down. =)

We were also lucky and privileged to taste some chocolate drink and pieces.

Here’s the first taste:

Chocolate drink from Mexico and Peru.

We also tasted Belgian choc, Belgian dark choc, Swiss dark, Sachi milk, Sachi strawberry.

Mr. Pedro also explained on how will we know if it’s a good quality chocolate. The chocolate bar should be kind of glossy, it should have a good snap and melts in the mouth.

Swiss chocs are the creamiest since it has lots of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter are our white chocolates. Cocoa butter are being separated during the processing of cocoa beans. The more cocoa butter, the more creamier the chocolate is.

Belgian chocolates will produce caramel-like taste. Belgian dark choc, a coconut-like flavor.

The flavors depends on the factors such as the altitude on where cocoa beans grows, bean variety, climate, roasting practices and harvest techniques.

Chocolates especially the dark ones is beneficial for our health. It lowers the LDL, it contains antioxidants, it increases our endorphins and serotonins.

It was a good, worth it, 1 1/2 hour-lecture about chocolates. I really learned a looooot! =)

CHOCHOLATE MUCH? =) tee-hee!


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