Philippine Festival 2011

Last Saturday we attended the Philippine Festival (GC). There was a set program full of singing and dancing. Some officials of the organization wore “Filipiniana” terno and Barong Tagalog. It was a nice feeling hearing people speak in Tagalog. I even met an Aussie who speaks fluently of the language!

One of the exciting parts was the FOOD!!!! Dinuguan, Bopis, Pork BBQ, Kakanins, Fishballs, Lumpiang Shanghai…NAME IT and they have it all there!

They also have TAHO!



I consider Taho one my fave foods since I was 3 y/o. So, I was ecstatic to see the Taho they’re were selling. Okay, I prefer warm taho than the cold one. It’s amazing how they make Taho here. Parang Zagu lang! Hehe! 🙂

This is the group P-Noise! Amazing vocals!!! Iba talaa ang Pinoy!


We did not stay that long but here’s the program for the whole day festivity and fun!


Went to the food booths again to get some grub and I got these: Fishballs and Lumpiang Shanghai!


Bought some kakanin too!!!


All in all, I pretty much had a nice time!!!! Lalo na sa food!!! SOLB NA SOLB!!!


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