loot bag: TEMT and Rubi

I have been planning to post some of the things I bought when I got here but I never really had the time to do so. I post them either through Instagram or Twitter. Anyway, here’s my first loot bag post. 🙂

I am bit overwhelmed with the prices because some are ridiculously overpriced while some are incredibly under priced. Having a keen eye for bargains, I am lucky enough to fish out some goodies.

This afternoon, we went to Harbour Town and went to our usual target location. Haha! 🙂

1st stop: Valley Girl. Well, it isn’t only a Valley Girl shop but it also houses the brand TEMT. They have cutesy clothes for all seasons. Their prices ranges from $4.99 up to $34.99 (from what I saw). Looking around, something caught my attention. I immediately grabbed those clothes (TIP: get two sizes when fitting, it saves time going back to get another one) and hurried to the fitting room.

                                                                                                               1.  Boyfriend Blazer (TEMT)

Pair it up with shorts, tights/leggings or even jeans.

                                                                                                                     2. Blazer (TEMT)

I was supposed to buy one but I couldn’t resist the low price and how i am able to play around with these blazers. TEMT-ing! 🙂

2nd stop: Rubi.  I was never a fan of scarves. Well, I came from the tropics so there wasn’t a need of it unless it becomes really cold (so much for having just two season: dry and wet). Currently, my scarf collection is growing. I started buying scarves when we went to Singapore and then hoarded some at Baguio (would you believe that the cheapest scarf I bought there was Php10?!). Now, I am planning to invest on some good quality scarves. But take note, good quality doesn’t always mean expensive and luxurious, right?

I found this silk scarf from Rubi for just $5. It is really soft and smooth for the skin.

Make sure to look at the tags wherein you can see what the fabric is made of. 🙂 *don’t go for polyester and viscose*

So there’s my loot bag for today. Actually there’s so more to post from my previous retail therapy. I will try to catch up as soon as I can. 🙂



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