shopping wisely. *winks*

It’s another trip to Harbour Town today and it’s a good timing for shoppers because there are sales and discounts everywhere because the season will be changed in a few weeks time.

Let me share my loot bag for today:

I am brand-conscious at times but in here you will never go wrong with their brands because you will get a good quality clothing item or whatever. It may sometimes cost a lot of money (in that case, i am not tempted to buy it. haha) but you will also look for some good knick-knacks here and there. So I look for bargains, sales and discounts here. That is how my closet is being fed in Oz land. 🙂 Being fashionable is not costly. 🙂

Owl Necklace for only $2. (Rubi) necklace for $2. (Rubi)

I love Rubi’s accessories because they don’t react badly with my skin unlike the ones from Forever 21.

I love fancy and happy bags. 🙂 I got this for only $6.95 (Valleygirl)

It may look small but it has a big room for my thingamajigs. My Coco (Canon SLR cam) can even fit inside! 🙂

This is my fave buy for today. Why? Can you guess how this is?

It’s normally priced as $34.95 but they reduced the price to…. TA-DAAAAAH! $6.95!!!

I love you TEMT. ❤

Surprisingly, it is comfy to wear! 🙂 :0  😉

You’ll really don’t know what you’re gonna get in stores. 🙂 absoeffinlutely cheap finds!!!



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