Love life. Live by the day. Seize every moment.

I rarely watch Asian television dramas unless someone told me to watch it. Two weeks ago, one of my friends recommended “One Litre of Tears” and was eagerly patient to tell me to go and watch it. The next day, I tried looking at just one episode and that single episode already made me cry. Maybe, I’m just a cornball.

Episode after episode, I find myself crying not just a litre but buckets and buckets of tears. Each episode imparts a lesson in life and in love.

Some lessons I grasped from One Litre of Tears:

A mother and a father’s love is incomparable. They would always want, hope and pray all the best for their child.

Live with no regrets. Live as if it were your last.

During those trying times that you’ll know who your true friends are.

It’s okay to fall down. The most important thing is standing up anyway.

I can’t help but relate each episode to my life. Acquiring a disease or being born with it will never be easy.

Now, let me share my story.

A few years ago, my Mom had a stroke which affected her right brain that affected the left side of her body. For six months, she was bed-ridden. At that time, I was so scared. I cry every night before God for my Mom’s fast and full recovery. I am not used to seeing my Mom like that. She was very energetic, enthusiastic, always willing to help other people, cheerful and always smiling. That’s the mother I knew. During those trying times, my Mom and Dad never saw me cry.

Today, I have finished watching this Japanese television drama and must I say that I definitely recommend this to all of you, that maybe you will also be inspired by the main character.


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