Temple Run.

I can get addicted to games easily. I think I am 7yr-old boy trapped in a 26-year old woman. Haha!

A couple of days ago, I downloaded this game app called TEMPLE RUN. Boy, it did ate most of my 24 hours! The game is simple, the character has to run away from the “demon monkeys” which comes out of the temple. As the character keeps running, the speed goes faster and he can also pick up coins and powerups along the way. Jumping off the gaps, sliding through the trees, arches and even turning left or right can be tricky, especially if you chose the wrong path. Not a very technical game, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I was playing the said game earlier, something came into my mind. I can actually relate the game into one’s LIFE. It may sound weird and absurd but yes, I am making the game comparable to people’s lives. Oh! It’s not that i am VERY addicted to the game but you will understand what I am talking about when you play it yourself.

One of the goals of the game and maybe the main objective is probably avoiding to get caught by the demon monkeys.

The character in the game is us and the demon monkey is actually Satan. In life, keeping off from Satan is one of the challenges we are facing in our everyday lives. Satan can be very quick in deceiving us, so we have to be aware, alert and strong. Sometimes, we do stumble and Satan may find an opportunity to go to his side. If we do keep on stumbling, we may lose in the game of life but if we focus on running away, there won’t be any chance that Satan might go near us.

Proceeding onto the game, as the character keeps running away from the demon monkeys sometimes it may still face daunting obstacles. Those obstacles may be compared to temptations, problems, worries and troubles in our lives. We may either slide our way through it, jump over it and overcome it. Focus is one key element. God must be our focus everyday and we must offer Him everything we do so when those obstacles come our way, we are wise enough not to give in and not to wail while experiencing it.

In this game, the character must also collect coins and powerups that is if he/she knows his/her way. These can be represented as blessings that God is giving us. There are blessings that are expected, unexpected/in disguise and there are also blessings that are “unclaimed”. We should learn how to be grateful in every blessing. We must count our blessings everyday because if we don’t, regret, envy, insecurity and anger might rule our hearts. Always remember that God won’t give us what we want but what we need. He knows when to answer our prayers and His gifts come from different kinds of packages and it will always be the best and the greatest for us. Anticipation can be very difficult while waiting for God’s blessing but when God finally answers our prayer, thank Him with all your heart, soul and might.

Choosing where to turn, whether left or right is a painstaking task. We may be at a crossroad at the moment but knowing God is our guide and submitting our life to him, we will never go wrong.

What I dislike about this game is the player can’t and won’t be able to slow down the character. Its speeds goes faster and faster as you stay longer in the game. The faster the character goes, the more possibility that he will fall or stumble if he turns to the wrong path. It is the same thing with our lives, if we don’t ponder on the things we have to decide on, we may face trouble and we may even fall.

It’s funny when a single game app can be a simple reminder of what life is and what we must do to avoid struggling in life.

Let’s always keep running from the “demons” in our lives, overcome life’s obstacles, count God’s blessings everyday and ask help from God to make the right decisions.


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