It’s fun being a girl!

Who doesn’t love dressing up? I bet every woman dreams of having a huge walk-in closet, full of shoes, bags, clothes, shoes and other thingamijgs! Two walk-in closets come to mind: Carrie Bradshaw’s and Cher Horowitz’. Let me remind you also of Cher’s computerized closet. Oh, what a dream to have their closet. *dreamy eyes*

Carrie’s closet:

For the men, this would definitely melt your woman’s heart, like what Mr. Big did to Carrie. <;3

Cher’s closet:

Okay, cue music—– Supermodel by Jill Sobule!

To almost every lady reading this, I know there is no such thing as TOO many clothes, shoes or bags. Don’t forget to stick to the basics, know your body type and the clothes that go with it and learn color combinations.

Every woman is a fashionista of her own and to help your creative juices come out, here are some of websites you can visit or even register into) to bring out the stylist in you.

1. Miss-Match


Here’s a local website wherein you can mix and match almost everything even the brands (from the Philippines) that you prefer and their corresponding prices. Beware though, you might find something you like and end up rushing to the mall and buying what you’ve seen on the website. :*

(a web screenshot of Miss-Match)

2. Lookbook


Formerly, an invite-only website which showcases fashion inspiration from real people around world (as what their tagline says). You may just have a look at what people have been wearing that you can (sort of) imitate or you can post your “Look of the day” aka LOTD.

(a web screenshot of Lookbook)

3. Stylish Girl

iOS App

What I love about this app is that you can download your own clothes, shoes, etc. by taking a picture of them and store it on the app itself. Think, Cher’s computerized closet!



4. Pose

iOS App

This is a new app I have recently discovered which resembles Lookbook (minus the hassle of uploading pix on your computer). Posting pictures of your “poses” is as easy as counting 123. Take a picture from you iPhone/iPod, upload, and you are done!



Enjoy these websites and applications and you’ll never know you may be the next best stylist or next IT girl.


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