I like traveling a lot and I know it entails packing and organizing my stuffits. I admit that I have a hard time packing up and I am a bit OC when it comes to arranging my clothes, toiletries, etc. and you can always find small bags in my luggage.

These are the ones that I recommend:

1. Pill/Medicine Organizer

     Traveling would be such a breeze without any interruptions like getting sick (flu and diarrhea are the most common illnesses among travelers). Feeling sick is the LAST thing we want right because we don’t want to miss all the fun. So, it would be wiser to pop in some medications for flu, dizziness, diarrhea, constipation, etc. while we’re out of the country.



     I bring so much accessories when traveling (please don’t ask me why). This helps you from the nightmare of having your bracelets and necklaces tangled up together. It will also saves time especially when you are in a rush.



3. Charger case

Little Miss Gadget. If you tend to bring you mobile phones, this will help you sort out their chargers and cable cords.

5. Travel Media Organizer

I have observed that most people panic when they can’t find their mobile phones or ipods and they keep digging inside their bags. This bag will keep your gadgets in place. What is good about this organizer is that, it has slots wherein you can charger your gadgets while inside it.

There’s nothing wrong being organized when traveling, in fact it will pretty much save you time from looking and finding your things. If they are just in one bag or case, you will easily find it. Less stress, too!

All these items are from Travel Essentials.

Have a happy “organized” trip, mates! “)


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