Click Flicks

I assume almost everyone loves watching movies. and everyone has a multitude of reason why we watch movies.

For me, watching movies is my escape from reality. Every movie I see brings me into this another dimension in life where I can dream, pretend, realize, think, play with my imagination for two hours or so.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart altogether makes it a really interesting movie. It is also good know that Kristen is getting out of her Twilight shadow.

In theatres this 21 June.

Ice Age 4: The Continental Drift

I have been watching this ever since and would always be happy to watch installment after installment because of its humor.

In theatres this 28 June.

The Amazing Spiderman

Seeing the trailer makes me miss Tobey Maguire but Spiderman is Spiderman whoever the character is will make a great impression. Andrew Garfield (the guy from The Social Network) is the new guy and there is a big pressure on him if he he gives justice to the role he is in.

In theatres this 4 July.

The Dark Knight Rises

Christian Bale is back! Or shall I say, Batman has returned? Either way, I LOVE SEEING THEM AGAIN! 🙂 A new villain for the all-time favorite hero.

In theatres this 19 July.

Step Up Revolution

Looking forward to watching this movie just to see their badass moves!!!

In theatres this 2 August.

The Bourne Legacy

I have never been a fan of the Bourne series although I’ve seen 2 movies of it but what makes this movie more interesting to watch is that some parts of it was filmed in the Philippines (Manila and El Nido, Palawan). Of course there’s Jeremy Renner and ❤ Edward Norton <3.

In theatres 16 August.

Madagascar 3

Just because cartoons would always be fun to watch no matter what age you are in.

In theatres 13 September.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation:

This movie was supposed to be shown this year but was moved to March 2013, instead. Boo.

But, I can’t hide my excitement to watch Bruce Willis on this film! ❤

*dates are for Australia*


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