The morning before I left bound for Oz, I was watching TV and came across National Geographic’s Test Your Brain episode. Surprisingly, it was also part of the list of shows on the plane. This is a show that you can only watch ONCE because if you watch it again, it will defeat its purpose. The episode is entitled, “Pay Attention” and there are several tasks that you have to do within the show (of course, it’s up to you if you do it or not) and you will be surprised how your brain functions. 

Whilst watching this, I realized that we tend to focus on the littlest things and concentrate on what’s in front of us and failing to scrutinize the BIGGER PICTURE. There are also people who think they are good in multi-tasking but in reality, they’re not. Watching this is like a self-assessment on how good are we in paying attention to details. 

Oh, the geek in me. But I guarantee, this is worth-watching.


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