My 2013 Planner… ermmm…Diary?

It’s very difficult to find the right planner. It also doesn’t help if there are so many good planners out in the market.

This year I decided to be different. I chose Kikki K’s 365 Planner/Diary. Instead of dates, the ones printed are numbers 1-365 representing each day. The pages are blank (except for the numbers printed) so you could do whatever pleases you. Write, draw, clip some articles that you find interesting or made an impact on you that day, things that you have learned or you may even post some pictures (which I plan on doing after I get hold of a Polaroid camera or an Instax).

I want to be optimistic this 2013 and I claim that it would be better. 🙂 Here’s what my planner looks like:



I think this should be called a diary. What do you think? Okay. Initially, I would only be using this but I decided to utilize this as a DIARY. 🙂 In that case, here’s my REAL planner:


I got this from Typo. It’s screaming shine bright this 2013! 🙂


Old school planner, eh? It doesn’t matter if you use a planner/diary or not. The important thing to do is lift all our plans to God! Right? Have a blessed 2013!!!♡


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