It’s been a month since our Tasmania trip but I still do miss it and I would definitely go back in heartbeat. Tasmania has a very rich history and culture and I was pleased because they were able to preserve it. I’ve been blessed to have traveled here with my grade school friends and my friend’s cousin. For 6 days, we’ve lived on one house, traveled by car, sung our hearts out with whatever music’s playing, experienced white water rafting, rode a seaplane, joined a ghost tour, drank and ate different food, hiked on a mountain, did some cave spelunking, explored the southern and the eastern parts of Tasmania… The whole trip was so worth it. Not only did we explored new places but we also explored our individualities… Traveling on groups may sometimes be chaotic but I guess I was lucky with my crazy bunch because even if we have different personalities, we blended so well together.
We even have a name for our group… JEEP. 🙂 Now, I can’t wait for our next travel destination…

*Travel while you can <3*


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