Diaries, journals, planners… I used them (still are)… reading them a year after is one of my vices. πŸ™‚
Every year, I keep finding unusual journals in the market and I recently found these:

β€’ The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal (A Five-Year Record) : you can write anything that happened to your day on this journal…maybe a line or two will do. For five years, you can keep track of your daily highs and lows, your crazy doings and whatnots. πŸ™‚ This journal reminds me of Twitter (in writing form).



β€’ A Sentence A Day from Kikki.K -there are questions to answer each day for three years and see how your answers change per year.



This would probably be something I’ll let my future children read. Haha!

How do you keep track of your day? Do you keep a journal or leave everything unwritten? Memory’s best cherished when written (as for me). πŸ™‚


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