Made in Pinas

Some people may have not known that I am very patriotic. No matter how crappy our government is, there is always something positive we can find in our country. We have world-class beaches, beautiful sceneries and every province has their own place to be proud of (side note: hopefully, there will be more road improvements to really raise our tourism in the rural areas). Filipinos are known to be resilient, hospitable, caring, innovative and creative. I was 13 years old when I started collecting ethnic musical instruments (once I find the pictures, I will post them here) and different kinds of native products (mostly, bags and purses). Too bad, I can’t bring them all here. Anyway, in the year 2006, I discovered Team Manila and immediately fell in love with their concept. It pretty much conforms with what I like. Then there’s Yabang Pinoy wherein their Abaca bracelet has become my fave piece of accessory. Seeing those made me so happy and made me think too that there’s a future in our Filipino brands…they can be world-class too! 🙂

During my recent trip in Manila, I have accumulated products that are made in the Philippines. It’s either their materials are locally made or the products are made by Filipinos. I wear those products with much pride and honor. ❤


1. Loudbasstard‘s bamboo sound amplifier :  I found about this product in Instagram a year ago and instantly liked it. I ordered it through, it was on sale too.  🙂 The first color I got was Emerald:

20130622_104558_Beach Rd


And I got a second one (Teal) last year as well in Duty Free-Puerto Princesa, Palawan.






This is made in Cebu with bamboo and rattan products. It’s lightweight and you’ll never have problems with running out of battery. 🙂

2. Grama Filipinas‘ bamboo sunglasses: the lightest sunglasses ever! Again, found this beauty on Instagram and contacted the seller right away (email: I got an UM AZUL which is also polarised (so it’s worth your money). This has got to be my favorite sunnies to date. ❤




3. Manila Sole Footwear‘s Agoncillo shoes: I was supposed to buy this online (yes you guessed it right, I found it on Instagram again haha!) but good thing they were at a bazaar in Rockwell when I went to Manila. The color (Denim/Pink Twill) I want wasn’t available at that time so I got no choice but to order and wait for a week. Worth the wait, though. 🙂 Their shoes are made of recycled rubber conveyor belts (soles for women’s footwear) and recycled rubber tires (soles for the men’s footwear). Amazing!!! What’s even better is for every pair that’s sold, Php100 will go to Yolanda victims via Philippine Red Cross.





4. Lagu‘s beach blanket: I saw their product in Soak Swimwear’s website but I was only able to buy it in Island Souvenir shop in Puerto Princesa, Palawan and used it not until I came back here in Australia. Haha! Before my trip in Manila, I also saw Lagu in a bazaar in Clark Quay, Singapore but since I do have limited luggage capacity, I didn’t buy it. I love how it is sand-repellant and easy to fold.  According to their website one of their major cause is to conserve and save the sand in Boracay. Every year, we are losing much sand in Boracay, if this is happening there, it could happen elsewhere as well. So be a good beach tourist, use Lagu! 🙂

20131226_15070320131226_15065220140117_111312Proudly made in Pinas! 🙂

5. Aranaz ‘Grama Pouch: Letter E! : I was in Rockwell on my last day in Manila when I passed by the Aranaz store and found this baby. Perfect for a night out in the city! Not sure what material this is made but looks like rattan or probably a different kind of grass. By the way, grama means “grass”.



6. Elena Bautista‘s Bespoked Necklace: Found this in Patty Laurel’s blog. I love personalized items and this monogram necklace caught my eye!!! This is made by a Filipino jewelry designer, Ms. Elena Bautista.

Shopping in Pinas was indeed enjoyable because of these good buys. I’m stiill looking for other Filipino-based shops and products whom I can proudly say “this is made in the Philippines!” I have ordered some recently and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

Are you into Philippine-made products?

If there are any shops or products you want to suggest, please let me know.


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