Foldable Shoes

I enjoy travelling once in a while but I just hate packing up. I still struggle with packing lightly and always end up bringing more than I should. One of the things in my luggage that take up much space are shoes. You see, women tend to gather so many shoes in their lifetime. When one travels, one has to bring a pair of slippers/flipflops/thongs for comfy walks at the beach, a pair of heels for those formal night outs and dates and a pair of flats for an all-around use. There’s no easy way of packing them like clothes or shirts that you can roll them to fit in your luggage and to save space. You simply cannot do anything about it when packing up. However, about 3 or 4 years ago, I discovered Suelas. Suelas is the first foldable shoes I have ever seen. They’re made locally made in the Philippines, very fashionable and affordable. It suddenly became my travel luggage’s best friend.  FLATTEN IT. FOLD IT. ROLL IT.  One of the packing-up problems has been solved. I am so glad shoes like these exist. So I purchased BARCA:

20140214_170035This has got to be the softest and most comfortable shoes, i have. Unfortunately, due to “age”, I threw this one already but I got another one in the same color. 🙂

Here are my other Suelas shoes and probably more to come:




20140214_165919                                                                               I also love Suelas packaging!


All in all, I am very satisfied with each pair I buy and knowing that they are made in the Philippines makes me all the more happy.

A few years later, I found another brand… Posh Pocket Shoes, a versatile foldable flats. They’re also made in the Philippines and has a wide range of designs too.

This is my very first “poshie”, pretty much worn out now from overuse. 🙂



This is one of the Kandi Treats collection: JB sandals. Its ribbon can also be used as a bracelet. 🙂



Ballerina Loafers ❤


20140214_165514Two-toned! ❤




The most recent pair I bought is the Belgian Loafers in stripes.



I am absolutely in love with my folding shoes. I sometimes bring 2-3 shoes even when I have short travels just because I can. I love you my luggage bestfriend! ❤



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