Bellabox (February)

My Feb treasure box has arrived (sorry it took a while for me to post this. Hehe!).

Anyway, this box is filled with goodies that I can use for the upcoming winter season (my skin gets exaggeratedly dry during this season. Boohoo!).

So here’s my take on Bellabox’s Feb stash:


• Burt Bee’s Milk and Honey Body Lotion- good for dry to oily skin type as it does not leave any grease after applying it.

• Red Rice foaming cleanser – one of the newest brands that I love because it is soap-free! My dermatologist prescribed for me to use soap-free products especially during the change of seasons and I don’t really know much products that are soap-free. So, I am happy to found this through Bellabox!

• She lipstick- i love how it moisturizes your lips too! It is also packaged so elegantly.

• Swisspers Naturals Aloe Nourishing Face Cream – love this product as it makes your skin moisturized and smooth at the same time.

• Aveda Style Prep Be Curly -using this for work as my hair’s frizzy (no hair treatment for a year now!!!ugh!).

• Synthesis Hydrate Tonic – I would have Evian in mind with spray moisturizers. I tried using this but still kept my skin dry and not moisturized. However, this comes handy when the weather gets too mucky and all you need is a spritz of water on your face to freshen up.


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