The Farm at San Benito


We went to The Farm at San Benito last December, though we only stayed for one night, we definitely had a relaxing time.

The villa we had was at Sulu Terrace and it’s newly renovated and we really got lucky because it’s the best villa over Sulu Terraces. We had a private lounge unlike the others that are all exposed. Our toilet is upstairs with the room while others are downstairs. The toilet has glass windows and ceiling overlooking the high trees.

We got there a bit late so we were not able to join any activities. The place was so serene, magical and totally relaxing. Make sure you book for a spa when you are there as they have a long list of options for massages and spa services and they’re the best! I can’t wait to get back!!! A bit pricey but truly worth the travel and stay! I recommend this to anyone who wants to relax and to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the metro as they say! *winks*

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