Work work work work work

Ermmm. Aside from having Riri and Drake’s song stuck on my head, i’ve been working my arse off lately. Getting overwhelmed with my current life, juggling work/study/family/SO/alone time or my whatnots. I’ve got 2 subjects to go until I finish this grad course. Why did I ever push myself into doing this? *i often tell myself* However, i’m not the type to back down nor quit so here’s my not so brave self trying to pass all the assessments!

Then the worry-wart in me screams. I still have to go and see a cardiologist and a psychologist. Dealt with 3 deaths a year ago and it pounded me so much that I think triggered my heart issue. I am scared and in denial that is why I keep delaying the appointments. *pasaway lang dba?* Whew.

Trying to vent out lang. Sometimes, may mga bagay na di mo nasasabi sa ibang tao eh. Especially me, I don’t normally speak to other people and tell them my probs. For me, it’s like placing burden on their shoulders. Ayoko nun eh. Ayoko maging pabigat. Slowly, natutunan ko na wag isipin yun kasi kaya nga may mga kaibigan dba? They are here to help.

I have lots and lots to share. My head is bursting with ideas and fun memories that I would like to blog about. This busy life *duh more like lazy life* won’t permit me at the moment. I can prolly do snippets and short blogs. 🙂

Anyway, Happy Easter everyone!!! I know God unconditionally loves us and gives blessings we think we don’t deserve. Let’s celebrate Easter everyday!

John 3:16


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