You’re a firework!

I have always loved fireworks. It is colorful, grand and it feels great to look at. Just a simple firecracker could make so much noise and color; so much potential in a tiny thing. What it needs is a trigger, a fire to lit it up and to see it soar high above with pride for everyone to see its beauty.

Like us, sometimes we need a little nudge, a push, a motivation for us to be able to reach and utilise our maximum potential. We are all beautiful and people need to realise that. We can do a lot of things. We just have to believe in ourselves. We can be that firecracker that needs a kick or we can be a stimulus to that firecracker. You can chose to stay and wait or move and make a difference.

Be a catalyst. Be an influencer for the betterment of everyone. Be a blessing to other people.

We are all fireworks. Grand and beautiful.

Posted from the colorful world of Eunesa