Seen this on Tumblr before and I said I want to do something like this on my blog. So now here it is:

Watching:  Parts Unknown: Philippines. I love Anthony Bourdain and I love that he has much appreciation with the Filipino people and it showed on his new episode of Parts Unknown. I went home (Manila) last December 2015 (wherein they filmed the entire episode) and I was hoping to see him or bump into him but it didn’t happen. Haha! Ohwell! Maybe next time i’ll be lucky! The episode revolved around the Christmas spirit of Filipinos, the love for music and food and the value of family which brought me to tears. Watch it guys!

Reading: Articles from Rappler. Politics has been the hot topic these days and even if I can’t vote in the Philippines, I still have my own bets which I will probably not disclose due to controversies and possible debates, aruguments or rifts. Haha!

Listening: Spotify!!! Especifically: Youth by Troye Sivan

Making: Assignments!!! One due tomorrow and one next week.

Feeling: Nervous because of health issues. Or I have probably evolved into a psychosomatic human being.

Planning: Two domestic trips and my friend’s visit here soon! Travels always excite me!!!

Loving: Life despite of all the humps because I know God is with me all the time!