Jot it. Write it. Compose it.

I love writing though I know my grammar isn’t perfect and my English is not fluent. Although, that didn’t stop me from doing so. I used to join school papers, being the nerdy-geeky that I am. I used to write poems too. Then I got consumed with school, college and the real life, yeah that moment when I became an adult, the one who pays bills.

Recently, my SO inspired me to write again (and no, not blogs). He writes me poems every now and then. Writing’s an avenue for all different kinds of emotions that is why I love doing it. So, I thought “hey, I used to do these! Why can’t I compose poems it again? Why did I even stop?” And so many other questions and thoughts start rolling in my brain.I then decided to write what is in my heart. It began with a few lines and then the words suddenly gushed in. Finally, the phrases made sense and I happily created a poem. Let me share my piece with you. It’s the third poem I’ve written since the hiatus, meaning after 15 years. 

My SO even shared it on his FB which is a big deal for me! Talk about kilig!

Then, came next day and I was on my morning tea. It was a rainy day and as I sat on the chair, I wrote another poem.

Voila! Two poems in a day! I felt happy and satisfied in a way because I haven’t done this for a very long time. It’s like being reunited with a friend after all these years. Back to my old hobby again, eh? It felt soo good!!!

Do you have an old hobby that you’re thinking you might want to get back into? If yes, consider doing it again and it might make you feel better. đŸ™‚


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