#currentlylist 02

Watching:  Netflix and chill… While waiting for Designated Survivor, Riverdale, Stranger Things and Narcos, I am watching Ozark (last episode now). It is about a financial advisor trapped into the nasty business of money laundering.

Also, Game of Thrones is baaaaack!!!! 3 episodes have gone and both we’re awesomely made. Thank you, GRRM!

Catching up on Criminal Minds Season 12 too. My favorite TV show of all time! ♡


It was quite difficult to find a hard copy of Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan but sure glad I got one. Pressured to finish it before the movie starts.

I also read the few pages of Sad Girls by Lang Leav.

Listening: Songs of The Chainsmokers! I’m gonna see them in a coupld of months!!!! So ecstatic about it!
Making: Lindt chocolate muffins! I bought it from Lindt store (Duh!) a few days ago. I like how it is so complete. In the box you’ll get the muffin mixture, choco chips and muffin cups. Just add ingredients (egg, milk and mixture) altogether plus the choco chips, place them in cups and bake for 20 minutes. I tweaked mine a bit and added Milo powder. I will add chocolate ganache as a topping with sprinkles of Max Brenner milk chocolate chips *drooling*.

Feeling: Nervous-excited about a new role I am planning to take at work. I really pray I would be able to perform well and execute the job properly.

Planning: A quick domestic trip to watch a concert. Yaaay!

Loving: GOD. As always because I wouldn’t be here without him.